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Digital Fundraising Technology for Nonprofits

Free technology, training and support for at-risk small and medium sized nonprofits.

Fewer Americans are donating to charitable causes today than they did 20 years ago. And the COVID-19 pandemic has made an already challenging situation much more difficult for small to medium sized nonprofits to survive. Current projections are that we could lose 40% of nonprofits without immediate support. And when we lose the nonprofits, we lose essential programming and services, often utilized by otherwise underserved communities and ecosystems.

“We’re a small nonprofit with limited resources. We had to pivot because of COVID-19 and change our normal Annual Fundraiser to a virtual event with very little lead time or knowledge of virtual event tools. GCF stepped in just a few days before our event to help us launch a virtual campaign that supported our online fundraiser to raise funds in real time. It was easy, free and most importantly for us, they supported us to be successful. We received our funds right away. “

– Valerie Pisierra, Executive Director, Loudoun Cares

Nurturing future generations to be active participants in supporting local and global nonprofits

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Future Fundraisers of America

Nurturing Gen “G” — Our Future Givers

Givio’s Future Fundraisers of America program is designed to nurture the skills and motivations that will enable the future generations to support and sustain charitable organizations to uplift communities and their ecosystems. Through mentorship in fundraising and donor engagement best-practices and exposure to tools and techniques to raise funds and mobilize support, high school and college students will gain the skills they need to be positive change-makers, in their immediate communities and around the world.

“I never realized that, as a student, I could help a nonprofit, virtually. Because of COVID, I wasn’t able to find volunteer opportunities. As part of the Future Fundraisers of America program I learned how to connect with a cause that I care a lot about, and virtually engage my friends and family in a fundraising campaign to raise money. Together, we made a meaningful contribution. All at a time when COVID has been making it so much harder. It feels good to know I can take the lead and make a difference.”

– Mary, Age 16

Givio Charitable Foundation works with small to medium sized nonprofits to help them raise funds, integrate efficient, free tools into their workflow and continue to provide essential services to their communities throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, at no cost to the nonprofit. If you’re a nonprofit in need of assistance, please get in touch!

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