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Nonprofits play a critical role in our individual, communal and global well-being. Yet everywhere we look, nonprofits are in trouble. From pandemic disruption to economic instability to a “digital disconnect” between givers and nonprofits, the charitable giving industry needs our help.

Our mission in action 

Millions of donors have stopped giving to charity. While younger generations of potential givers feel disconnected from charitable organizations that serve to lift up our underserved communities and ecosystems.

GCF connects people, programs and tools to make lasting, positive change.

Nurturing Generation “G” (Our Future Givers)

Future Fundraisers of America

Givio Student Network

Future Fundraisers of America mentors high school and college students in their aspirations to become the next generation of givers and change-makers. Students learn about and implement tools and best-practices to engage their networks and raise funds for nonprofits that make positive change in their communities and around the world.

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Keeping Communities Strong

Digital Fundraising Technology for Nonprofits

COVID Relief Fund

Givio Charitable Foundation works with small to mid-size nonprofits, whether just get started or seasoned, but needing to pick up steam. We provide free technology, training and support to bolster fundraising efforts and streamline processes that can otherwise slow down critical operations. By keeping nonprofits alive and thriving, we strengthen our communities.

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Contact Givio Charitable Foundation

Givio Charitable has a big goal to help transform a large, important but out-of-date industry. Let us know if you’d like to help — or if you’re requesting help.  You can reach us using the form below. And for more on the Givio charitable giving app please visit the Givio website.

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