The future of charitable giving begins with finanical innovation

Our mission is to help people give to the charities and causes they care about … whenever, wherever and however they want to give. Being committed to donors means that we are committed to helping more people give to the causes they care about through new, innovative and trusted financial technologies and programs. Through our support for innovation, GCF fuels community impact made possible by seemless, secure and rewarding charitable giving experiences.

Our mission in action 

It’s a challenging time. Millions of donors have stopped giving to charity. Younger generations of potential givers feel disconnected from charitable organizations that serve to lift up our underserved communities. Nonprofits struggle to adapt to changing technologies and consumer behaviors. And our financial institutions – cornerstones in our communities – are looking to engage account holders with purpose, build relationships with younger customers, and maintain their roles as community leaders.

Enter Givio Charitable Foundation.

GCF sits at the intersection of the charitable giving and financial services sectors, connecting people, programs, nonprofits and technologies to help everyone involved make lasting, positive change. Examples of our mission in action include …

Nurturing Generation “G” (Our Future Givers)

Future Fundraisers of America

Givio Student Network

GCF partnered with Givio to offer Future Fundraisers of America, a program that mentored 74 college students across 51 campuses, teaching the ins and outs of fundraising in a modern economy. Through team-oriented and individual projects, students learned about and implement tools and best-practices to engage their networks and raise funds for nonprofits that make positive change in their communities and around the world.  GCF believes in the future of Gen G, our next generation of givers.

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Giving Tuesday Projects

A New Fundraising Platform

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday 2022 experienced something truly original and incredibly innovative. Launching a new giving platform from Givio, “Charitable Banking”, banks and credit unions enabled their customers to give to nonprofits, fundraisers and even matching gift campaigns right from the ease and security of their online bank accounts. GCF worked with a number of banks and their community partners, crafting campaigns and providing training benefitting local causes.  Nonprofits were thrilled to learn about this new way for their donors to give. And banks and credit unions were proud and privileged to play such an important role in their communities.

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